At the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we conduct research in the fields of innovation management and entrepreneurship and realize different collaborative research projects.

The results of our studies have direct flow into the center‘s Entrepreneurial Education and startup support.

Dr. Deborah Brazeal

Selected publications

2016 Schenkel, M and D. Brazeal, “The Effect of Pro-Entrepreneurial Architectures and Relational Influences on Innovative Behavior in a Flat Organizational Strucuture,” Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, in press.

2016 Yoo, S., Sawyerr, K and D. Brazeal. “The Effects of a Founder’s Human Capital and Firm Strategic Orientation on New Venture Performance.” In the Proceedings for the ICSB Conference. New York, June.

2015 Wadhwa, P., Brazeal, D. and C. Gonzalez .”Understanding Employee Experiences of and Reactions to Radical Organizational Change Efforts through an Interactive Exercise.” Presentation at the OBTC Conference in LaVerne, CA, June.

2015 Yoo, S.J., Sawyerr, K, and D. Brazeal. “Antecedents and Consequences of Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Longitudinal Study of Technology-based SMEs.” The World Babson Conference, Boston, June.

2014 Brazeal, D.V., Schenkel, M.K. and S Kumar. “Beyond the Organizational Bounds in CE Research: Exploring Personal and Relational Factors in a Flat Organizational Structure.” Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, Vol 19, No. 2, 78-107.

2014 Gonzalez, C.B. and D.V. Brazeal. “Undercover Boss: A case study of ethical dilemmas in the workplace.” The Global Education Journal, Vol 2014, Issue 1.

2013 Brazeal, D.V., Schenkel, M. and S. Kumar. “In Search of a Blueprint: ExaminingOrganizational, Personal, and Relational Factors in CE Emergence.” The Proceedings For The 27th USASBE Conference. San Francisco.

2013 Schenkel, M., Brazeal, D.V. and S. Kumar. “Pro-Entrepreneurial Architectures and Relational Influences: Design Implications for Creative Self Efficacy and Innovation.” The World Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference Leon, France, June.

2013 Schenkel, M., Brazeal, D.V. and J. Azriel. “Pathways in the Development of Entrepreneurial Intent: Exploring the Roles of Prior Experience, Sex and Family Business Background.” Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, Vol 24, No. 2, 47-69.

2011 Brazeal, D.V. “The New Business Paradigm”

Dr. Nelson Pizarro

Selected publications

Pizarro, N. (2016). An Integrated Model of Employee Adoption. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, 19 (1), 53. 

Pizarro, N. (2014). An institutional and pedagogical model that fosters entrepreneurial mindset among college students. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 17 (2), 143.

F.M. Amatucci., Pizarro, N., Friedlander, J. (2013). Sustainability: A Paradigmatic Shift in Entrepreneurship Education. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship,16(1), 7.

Bobulescu, R., Pizarro, N. (2011). Saillance des parties prenantes dans le processus de renouvellement organizationnel: le modele Evergreen. Economies et sociétés,45 (4), 699-716.

Dr. Trayan Kushev

Selected publications

Mattingly, E.S., Kushev, T.N., Ahuja, M., & Ma, D. (forthcoming). Switch or Persevere? The Effects of Experience and Metacognition on Persistence Decisions. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.

Mattingly, E.S., Kushev, T.N. (2016). Most New Businesses Fail, but Mine Won’t…Right? Journal of Entrepreneurship, 25(1), 70-88.