The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is created to inspire, teach and coach students, executive education participants, and faculty to integrate entrepreneurial and design thinking into their lives, to help aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their new venture and to help existing business to grow. Through courses, degree programs and complementary activities such as speakers and workshops. The CEI will provide the necessary tools and experiences for the students to creatively pursue new opportunities and innovation in the startup, social, and corporate venture arenas.

It has never been more important to create a center for entrepreneurship and innovation at Cal Poly Pomona than now. Loss of ecosystem services, a carbon constrained world, economy instability, and volatile energy prices, water and food are some of the most pressing issues that our society faces in this century. In order to solve these challenges, students need an entrepreneurial mindset that can solve problems by not only creating new ventures, but also improving existing ones. Thus, the center for entrepreneurship and innovation is an important element of the students education that will help them to become better employees, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Director Dr. Pizarro

The CEI is housed in the Department of Management and Human Resources (MHR). It not only serve the students in the MHR Department, but also students from all departments in the College of Business and very College at Cal Poly Pomona.


There Are Four Core Values That Drive Our Mission:

  • Excellence – keep up with contemporary, cutting edge entrepreneurial practices and effectively educate our students about their use.

  • Depth – develop a variety of courses that support all types of entrepreneurship, including intrapreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability entrepreneurship.

  • Community – disseminate entrepreneurial thinking across campus and establish opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Network – Connect with outside parties, collaborators, and sponsors to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem which provides students and alumni with entrepreneurial resources.

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The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation currently hosts two entrepreneurial student clubs:

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization

  • Cal Poly Pomona’s CEO chapter is a network of young entrepreneurs working together to empower innovative thinkers and allow Broncos to forge the tools of success. Through community engagement, CEO brings together the greater campus neighbourhood in a powerful and productive way.


  • A multidisciplinary student organization based at Cal Poly Pomona that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation through by providing our members with the knowledge, network, and resources to change the world. PolyFounders also organize some of the biggest innovative and groundbreaking events at Cal Poly Pomona including HackPoly and the Bronco Startup Challenge.
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At the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we conduct research in the fields of innovation management and entrepreneurship and realize different collaborative research projects.

The results of our studies have direct flow into the center‘s Entrepreneurial Education and startup support.

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